Sep 7, 2010

25 Actions to say ‘I Love You

1. Place notes in your lover’s lunch telling him how much you love him.
2. Page you sweetheart with an I Love You page.
3. Give her a soft kiss.
4. Make everyday things special.
5. Give your love a little note or sending him an e-mail with a poem in
it. ( erk .. aku tak penah terlintas pon nk buat cm gini heheh)

6. Listen to her every word.
7. Making a list of everything you love about them. No matter how

8. Spend quality time with the one you love.
9. Have flowers delivered with a note attached saying simply, “I love

10. Give unexpected hugs and kisses in unexpected places. ( auchhh .. ngancam !)

11. Cook them their favorite meal.
12. Hold each other when you fall asleep.
13. Just be together.
14. Give your love a long hard kiss on the lips, followed by a gift.
15. Sending romantic postcards on a daily basis.
16. Get off work early and surprise your sweetheart with a dozen roses
and dinner, just because.

17. Spend all week thinking of something special for the weekend and
then… do it!

18. Give him a loving smile from across the room.
19. Draw or obtain a new romantic picture of two lovers in each others
grasp and give it to your love as a reminder of your passion.

20. If you live quite a distance from your love, surprise them with a

21. When she is asleep in the morning, cover her with rose petals and
wake her up to an I love you breakfast in bed.

22. Secretly write S-H-M-I-L-Y anywhere your lover will find it. SHMILY=
See How Much I Love You.

23. Have a romantic weekend.
24. For a week, smothering your spouse with all the small intimate
things they like.

25. Do a simple act of kindness, such as a backrub when he feels sick,
to brighten his day.

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