Jan 23, 2012

impian part1.. :)

السلام عليکم
arini satu hari aku balek kampung, my mom + dad public holiday smpi 5 ari sempena CNY neh.. so, aku satu famili berjalan sakan la..haha, kalau dah kaki jalan tu kaki jalan jugekk.. =,="
tuday, what would i want to shared with u guys is my dreams.. haha, apa la sgt yg aku impikan tuuu.. in my wishlist that im dreaming was is samsung galaxy tab 10.1.. hikhik, sguh teruja lahh with their samsung tablet.. not more than that, i hear that it very compatible to student like me.. hahahh, im cheating now.. evryone can afford to have these item laa.. lalala :)
samsung galaxy tab

btw, even i cant to get this tablet with the samsung brand, i wish that i can be able to get the samsung galaxy S II.. hahaha, hebak2..banyaknya duet aku..
samsung galaxy S II

There is the features i found in tablet with different brand.. so take ur time to choosing..

so, for ur life and for me ofcoz, which want is the best..?? hhihihih :D
see yaa.. 

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